NASCAR Xfinity Series

NASCAR Xfinity Series: It seems that due to the pandemic pandemic, the 2020 NASCAR Xfinity series schedule has not undergone enough changes. Due to the weather, the start date and time of the series at Bristol Circuit have changed again.

As the NASCAR Cup series held in Charlotte last week was postponed from Wednesday to Thursday, the Xfinity series originally scheduled for Saturday in Bristol had to return to Monday, “due to travel and configuration challenges.” The start of the Xfinity competition in Bristol on Monday is 7pm. ET. The game will be broadcast live on FS1.

The Xfinity series in Bristol on Monday was the third since the series resumed after a three-month interruption since the Coronavirus pandemic. Chase Briscoe won the first game of the series in his return to Lington and was the leader of the game standings on Monday night. Briscoe will leave for the fifth time in Bristol on Monday. In the past two games, he has entered the top 5 twice, winning the fourth and second place.

You need to know all about the NASCAR Xfinity series of games held in Bristol on Monday night, including TV show production and the initial lineup.

The FS1 coverage of the Xfinity series on Monday night will begin at 6:30 PM. ET specially previewed “NASCAR Race Hub”.

This special Xfinity series game will feature an exclusive broadcaster, as Fox NASCAR Xfinity series announcers Adam Alexander will join Kurt and Kyle as guest analysts Busch). The brothers Alexander and Busch will call for action in the FOX Sports studio in Charlotte. Regan Smith will report to the maintenance area of ​​the track.

“I look forward to it,” Kyle Bush said. “This is the first time I’ve called from a booth for a match in a long time. It’s difficult to call Bristol. Because I’m talking about things here for so long, you only have 15 seconds. Literally , You have 5 seconds to get it out, because if you don’t do it, they are already on the next lap.

Bristol NASCAR Xfinity Racing Line
Since all NASCAR games during the pandemic were conducted without training or qualifiers, the initial lineup of the Xfinity series held in Bristol on Monday was determined by points and random draws.

The sign submitted was an accident between Gragson and JR Motorsports teammate Justin Allgaier, five laps from the expected 300 laps. After a restart on 7 laps, when the two contacted on lap 1 and lap 2, Gragson challenged Allgaier’s lead. The contact caused Allgaier to hit the outer wall. Unable to drive, Al Gail then slid into the wall. Al Gail, who led 156 laps, could not finish the game. He ranked 18th.

Algael led 47% of his lap times in the last three games of Bristol, but failed to win all three games.

This victory is the second year that Gragson won the season opener at Daytona.

Gragson told FS1: “I apologize to Justin and Group 7, this is not the way I want it to be.” “I saw that position opened and it slipped from behind my knee. I tried to find the foundation. I was very Relax. All of us in the top five, actually anyone in the field, this road is like ice now. We are slipping.

Later, at a post-match press conference, Gragson was asked if he could expect Algeir’s revenge.

Gragson said: “If it happens, then it will happen.” “All I can do is on the same page as my team, just try to push the ball to the wall and hang it aside, then try Move fast. The only thing I can do is try to win the game. When you are a man and punch, you better punch.”

At about 3 am on Tuesday, Allgaier participated in the Twitch live broadcast and played “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” to ease some of the pressure after the “disaster” of the game.

When the audience asked questions, Algaire discussed the situation with Gragson.

After the game, we talked. It’s nothing, but we talked,” Algael said. “We are not allowed to go to the store, so it will be interesting to see what happens in our video conference. “

Al Gail said: “Something happened (accident). I made a mistake and opened the door. This is what happened. … Noah and I will still be friends. It may take a while to restore good condition, but we Will find this.”

Gragson is the second repeat champion of the year after Briscoe. In the past eight Bristol games, he is still eighth.

The first five were completed by Harrison Burton and Myatt Snide